Yureka (AI)
Vital statistics
Age Debatable
Debut Chapter Chapter 8
Occupation A.I
In-Game Job Swordsman
Family -
Weapon Daggers

Yureka (Pronounced Yue'reh"kah) is an AI created by a hacking software, and accompanies Lotto in Lost Saga. Her real-life counterpart is Jaeha, a would-be killer, and she represents a part of Jaeha's personality. Yureka has deep love for Lotto. She joins up with team Triple Threat. Her personality is kind, air-headed and devoted to Lotto. She is usually abused by Lotto, but she is hit due to her lack of understanding, or her tactless comments without understanding the situation. The original Yureka faces death in the End Demon arc.

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