Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter 2
Occupation High School Student
In-Game Job None
Family Unknown
Weapon None

Seung-Mi is a friend of Yun-Ji.


Little is known about her. What is shown is she's a normal high school girl and interested in boys. She has a caring trait telling Jang-Gun not to overwork himself studying too much.


Yun-Ji and her friend, Seung-Mi, board the train talking, causing Lotto to secretly switch to his honor student personality. Turns out they are on so early because they are on classroom duty. Seung-Mi advises him not to study so hard since he seems to be doing so as they go to school. Yun-Ji is impressed with his ethic and how he's not a net addict like the others, though wishes they could chat online too. Seung-Mi asks her what they would even talk about.