Row The Mighty (Jun-sok)
Row at the siege of Normal City.
Vital statistics
Age 19
Debut Chapter Chapter 1
Occupation Unknown
In-Game Job Swordsman
Family Unknown
Weapon Orichalcon Sword


Row the Mighty is a player character controlled by Jun-Sok. An unlucky person that encounters Team Triple Threat on many occasions. Unlike the other victims of the trio, he does not have any resentment towards them. A fairly powerful player, with the strength of a master level of Swordmaster, and the master-class items Orihilacum sword and Gladiate, his name is often mistaken by the other characters. Row starts off as a weak character in the beginning of the manhwa, but his skill and power grow over time.


A strong-willed player, Row is a courageous and honourable man that always keeps his promises. Row is also amazingly perceptive and has been seen forming strategies to defeat his enemies. He is sometimes dense and a little cowardly when he is endangered by his friends.


Background Edit

Rowe and Michelle partied up in order to attempt the Sunken Dungeon. They were defeated by the Minotaur causing them to lose all their items and gold. Because they have no recovery items and and can't purchase any, they decide to wait until another party comes by to party up with them. Michelle told Rowe to simply ask them for help, but Rowe decided to pretend to be guides.


Arriving in Normal Town Edit

They encounter Lotto, Ah-Dohl, and Boromir and he tries to use his act, but is ignored. While Rowe objects to being ignored, Ah-Dohl immediately sees through Rowe's deception and agrees to let them join so long as they don't bother the team, dumbfounding Rowe and Michelle chastising him.

When they encounter a monster, Rowe kills it as a means to be of help to the Triple Threat team, but was furiously reprimanded by Lotto for taking his experience. Ah-Dol reminds them that's what he meant by not to bother them. Rowe vows to someday kill them and Michelle beings rethinking about partnering with him.

As they fight, Michelle notes that they are a Swordmaster (Lotto), Warrior (Boromir), and Mage (Ah-Dol). Rowe adds that it's a common party grouping since they can cover each other's weaknesses, but that they are not anything special. As they reach a split on the tunnels, the Minotaur that killed Rowe and Michelle approaches. It manages to land a blow on Ah-Dol and breaks Lotto's sword when he tries to attack. Rowe thinks they are defeated and resigns himself to attack the monster, despite their earlier objections but Boromir stops him. Rowe starts to object but Boromir confidently confirms they are not defeated and casts Cure on an impatient and angry Ah-Dol allowing him to regain his strength and use Striking and continually punches the Minotaur in a blind fury. Michelle explains that Cure is an advanced healing spell and Rowe realizes Ah-Dol is a Monk, both amazed at how strong they are. Lotto then chuckles evilly and begins casting a doubled Fireball. Rowe is shocked that he is a Mage. Boromir notices Lotto is going crazy and tries to get Ah-Dol to stop him, but is angrily rebuffed. Before he can cast the spell, Lotto is once again frozen and disconnected from the net. Ah-Dol, still pummeling the Minotaur in bloodlust, asks Boromir if he said anything, though Boromir dismissively says nothing and for Ah-Dol to get back to what he was doing. After the fight, Ah-Dol, feeling refreshed, offers to help Rowe and Michelle find their stuff, with Boromir simply glaring at them but they turn him down, frightened of them.

Revenge of the Fallen Angels Edit

Row re-appears later, alone after his partner, Michelle, abandoned him after what happened last time. Julie bumps into him as a ruse to pick his pocket. Row scolds her to watch where she's going and K.C. apologizes to him calling Julie a klutz, to Julie's anger. Row takes a closer look and is initially suspicious. The girls hide their faces pretending to check on Julie, but Row dismisses his suspicions and walks off. A little later, he notices that his wallet containing everything s missing.


Meeting Basara Edit

Walking down the street near Piri's shop, he comes across Adol and Boromir who suddenly turn around to look at him. He greets them awkwardly asking if there's a problem. Adol asks Row if he could ask a question, while Boromir covers his face with his hand in disgust. When Row says sure, Adol then asks for confirmation if nobody is behind them. Row asks if anybody was even there when he arrived, confirming Adol's suspicion and for Boromir to rhetorically ask how they could fall for it so easily. While Adol and Boromir are talking, Row is confused, confused on what they're talking about.

He later advertises he's still looking for a female companion as Piri sadly closes her shop, depressed at Aradon not showing up.


In the doubles tournament he partners up with Orugazi, and they face off against Yureka and Lotto in the first round. He is disregarded by his partner, but when both Lotto and Orugazi are disabled he and Yureka face off. Yureka shows that she is superior and he decides to give up, but Lotto grabs him and incinerates him.

He led the defense against the demon army, after being request by Lotto to protect Piri, and being threatened by Lotto with death. It is during the defense of Normal City that he gains his master level. Only to lose it by dying afterwards.

Later, he is blinded by Slayan, and learns to fight blind with the help of Whan. He later reveals that he has two master class weapons Gladiat and Orihalcum sword after regaining his swordmaster status. Row aids Jaeha in her battle against Ban. His usual party consists of Michelle and Orugazi. He regains his sight after the Last Saga event, and he is the last person to see Piri.







As a Swordsman, Row has physical abilites in swordsmanship having in his arsnal of abilites several slash attacks.

  • Hurricane Strike: An attack that allows Row to slice a target with several midly powerful blows.
  • Shooting Star: An attack that allows Row to quickly rush towards his opponets to split his enemy in half.
  • Sword Pulse Wave: An attak that sends a shockwave towards his ememy slicing them to bits. It is easily replicated by Yureka during the tournament.
  • Meteor Slash: A high powered slash
  • Blindfight: Row is fully capable of figthing even though he has gone blinde, courtesy of Slayan .
  • Enhanced Senses: Upon being blinded Row noted that his other 4 senses has drastically been attuned. With further training Row's senses are enough to notice an invisible person and attack the player.


  • Orihalcum: Row's first masterlevel weapon. Given to him by a valkyrie during the defense of Normal City.
  • Gladiate: A sword of light. Row gained this weapon when he reached masterlevel again. It is used by Row to cut anything to shreds.