Lotto (Jang-Gun)
Yureka v01 cover
Vital statistics
Age 15
Debut Chapter Chapter 1
Occupation Student
In-Game Job Sorcerer

Tittle = ArchMage

Family Father (Deceased)
Jang-Gun's_Mom (Mother)
Jang-Mi (Sister)
Weapon Sword of harmony

Jang-Gun is the main protagonist of the series, being a master mage at Lost Saga. He generally uses fire magic, especially the spell Fireball. He is the leader of the team Triple Threat, composed of himself, Ah-dol, and Boromir. He is intelligent enough to manipulate most people, and has even caused AIs to doubt their own existences. His intelligence is arguably his most valuable tool in battle, even with master level skills and his aspirations to become a Grand Mage.

After encountering Yureka, he tries to torture her to reveal information, but realizing she can feel pain he stops, and eventually decides to find things out on his own. He has since been conducting a personal investigation into the nature of the Artificial Intelligences of Last Saga. When Yureka dies and Jaeha replaces her, he gets so angry that he tells her to never show herself in front of him again. Later he comes to accept that Yureka and Jaeha are the same being and cares equally for them. He is currently negotiating a tournament to find the people after Yureka.


Jang-Gun is generally selfish and will do anything to achieve his own goals yet he remains loyal to his friends and has some sense of honor. He often keeps his friends out of the loop when danger is concerned. On his real life, he looks like a lone wolf but girls kinda crazy about him. He also kind of a weirdo nerd.


In real life Lotto is Jang-gun (장군- means general in Korean). His personality seems split; in the real world, at school, he is a quiet ace student who is secretly obsessed with the online game Lost Saga and his wears his school uniform (I like to use his outfits to distinguish his personas) He is a bit moody but generally a nice person, popular with the girls in his class. In Lost Saga He becomes Lotto (Assumed to be written 로토) an abrassive character who is obsessed with his AI companion Yureka. Lotto is manipulative and swindling though set on his goals. He can at times be altruistic, though. Finally, there is a newer side of Lotto that we have had a few glimpses of before but never had the depth of. This persona is Lotto out in the real world outside of school or home. His outfits consist of shorts, a t-shirt or layered shirts, and sandles. He is a lot more like in game Lotto but instead of relying on the powers granted in game he is more thinking oriented using gambits and half truths to his gain. This Lotto seems to be the base of the other two personalities and is referred to as Lotto as well though he takes the title General Later on.

Opening ArcEdit

Lotto and his pals pursue merry adventures. Lotto and his team decide to head to a dungeon where at the entrance are two desperate swordmasters, Row and Michelle. Row and Michelle died in the dungeon and lost all their items, so they ask to join Lotto's team. Lotto and his team agree to let them join if they don't bother them (no KS or taking loots). They go deep into the dungeon, Lotto is a swordmaster, Boromir is a warrior and Adol is a mage. They get to a place not on the map and encounter a minotaur, it's the boss that killed Row and Michelle. Adol get hit and Lotto charges in but his sword gets shattered. Row wants to step in but Boromid stops him and cast "cure" on Adol, a warrior that can cast "cure", a high level priester spell ? After being healed, Adol charges in and attacks the minotaur with his fists, making Row wonders if he's a monk. And Lotto starts to laugh creepily and suddenly casts 2 fireballs, a spell for mage. He's about to throw his fireballs but suddenly stops. He gets disconnected as his mother cut off the power to wake him up.

Meet YurekaEdit

Yang-Gun goes to the store to renew his subscription, where he encounter's Jaeha who is naked and getting scanned.After getting scanned he finds an ID-card with the name Yureka on the ground. After going home, he logs in Lost Saga to play. He then notices that he looks like Jaeha, who he just met. he mistook the ID-card he picked up. it seems to be a hacking program. Then he asks to join his teammate for the hunt. They go to Terror Tower, where they failed many time. Yang-Gun feels kind of sad and angry because they do it and leave him out, but they explain that they only do it because they feel inferior to Lotto, and they hate being a burden, so they train secretly. They come to 18th floor,where they failed last time (without Lotto), the boss is a centaur that can use charm spell with his arrow, they almost fail like last time but thanks to Yureka's high stats and mysterious voice giving him order, they defeat the boss and go up only to see the next boss being defeated. They go to 20th floor, the last floor only to see the boss being defeated by Basara, the strongest player in Lost Saga. After defeating the boss themself and return to the city, Yang-Gun logs in as Lotto to meet his teammate and meets Yureka online too. Lotto suggest that they go to Terror Tower. At 18th Floor, pretending to be under the charm spell, Lotto defeats his teammate and begins to interogate Yureka to find out who she is and what she wants. Yureka seems to feel pain from Lotto's magic, as for normal player they dont feel pain in game. It turns out that she is a NPC, created after Lotto uses the ID-card he found.

Doubles TournamentEdit

Lotto and Yureka take part in the doubles tournament, to win Excalibur. They enter as a team encountering Rapha and John, her Guardian, who also participate in the tournement and it seems like hatred at the first sight. Entering the tournement, first they must fight against orge, last boss of Terror Tower and Lich, an even stronger boss. Yureka defeats them both but collapses, it seems Lotto did something to her, casting the spell beserk on her. The main tournement is with 8 team. In the first round, they face against Row and his new partner Orugazi, a witch. In the second round against Rapha and her Guardian John. They go to the final against Aradon and Alpha, Lotto and Aradon are about to finish their fight, a demon appears and attacks them both and declare that the demon armee will attack in a week. So the tournement was to recruit strong players to defeat the demon king.

Demon Invasion ArcEdit

The group of tournament participants meet to decide how to act and ends up with two teams, Lotto being with Yureka, Aradon and Olios. They end up taking a path hidden underneath a tree and end up fighting hellhounds and cerberus. At the midway they confront one of the 4 horseman of the Demon King, Pristina

End Demon ArcEdit

After Releasing the End Demon, The Lotto Became one of the survivor, and triggered the hidden plot which launching a NPC named " The Lord of Bewitching" who is sealing the End Demon, that finalize the event of demon ard.

Dragonlands ArcEdit

After the death of Yureka as an AI Lotto falls into depression shoving away his friends and foreswearing Lost Saga. He returns to Lost Saga out of curiosity about who was attacking his friends, logging on as Yureka. He then tricks Jijon into becoming a player killer and destroying each other.

Jaeha Massacre ArcEdit

With the failure of Lotto to identify the spy he races to save Jijon-Jang from the danger of Jeaha as a killer.

Last SagaEdit

With the return to the mainland and the announcement of the release of Lost Saga II


Lotto possesses a vast amount of abilities that he can utilize to completely decimate his opponents. He generally uses fire magic to devastate his opponents, but he can also utilize a swordmaster's capabilities. He usually does not use his most powerful abilities as they would upset the balance of the game. Said abilities include the use of the three rings (magic absorbtion, energy shield, and reflection). Together, he uses them to defeat Ban in a PvP battle. Though his in-game abilities are often emphasized, Lotto can also use his cunning to manipulate most people, and even threaten them into doing what he wants. He is also pretty smart that he use some non-set technique like double fireball, fire missile (after seeing Ah-dol use it), and has found un-blockable spell (using reflect), he is also the only person has been seen using exploding sword.


Primary     : Sorcerer  ( MASTER )
Seconday  : Swordsman ( MASTER )

List of common magicEdit

Lotto has already mastered many spells (mostly fire), but only this few has been seen used or even told in the story:

  • Meteo: Allows Lotto to summon Meteors that will rain down on both enemies and allies.
  • Earthquake: Allows Lotto to cause an earthquake
  • Ember Steps: Allows Lotto to create fire as he walks (Usually used to tease Yureka)
  • Fire Ball: Allows Lotto to summon a ball of fire which can be thrown at enemies
  • Fire Wall: Allows Lotto to summon a huge wall of fire to protect himself for attacks or to stop an enemy getting too close
  • Reflect
  • Magic Missile: Magic Missiles are thrown and automatically can lock onto the enemy even if they can not be seen.
  • Summoning:Allows Lotto to summon elemental spirit for combat. (Until now Lotto has only use summon Ifrit, but from his first battle from Aradon we know that he can summons other spirits).
Demon lotto
  • Demon Mode: Obtained by being a master level mage and becoming infamous. Allows him access to demon flames.
  • Other Basic Spells: (See Spells)

Abilities from itemEdit

  • 6 Elemental Sword: Ability to use 1 of the 6 elements when using Sword of Harmony. (Up till now, only fire and earth have been seen used by Lotto)
  • Holy Sword/Fire Sword: Lotto charges his elemental sword with fireballs and releases it with a large explosion.
  • Three Rings: Super items that protect Lotto from physical and magical damage, even reflecting damage back, and replenish stats as damage is taken, they have the ability to upset the balance of the game.
  • Hacking: Recently obtained through software from Gamma the Phantom Hunter and Elca, he is now able to match killers in combat. Though loses it after a short amount of time.


Chibi Lotto

Mini Jang-Gun feature on volume 1

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