K.C. (Jin-Mee)
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter Chapter 6
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K.C. is a master-class thief who uses the master class item invisibility bandana. In game she is in the fallen angels along with Julie and in real life the two of them are the Lovely angels, the well known pop idols Jin-Mee and Gina. They originally hold a grudge against Team Triple Threat, since they captured them and forced them to sell off kisses and hugs to random people for the economic benefit of the trio. They helped out in the demon invasion arc, and later she is seen following Ban after her partner is killed.

Her full name is Gang Jin Mee. She also is jealous of Julie who appears to have more attention all the time.


She has a very passive personality, as was emphasized by Ban and she usually follows the dominant person's lead. She doesn't stand out as much as Julie but she has a certain level of envy of her because of that. Recently, she has realized her passiveness and is starting to question her accepting and submissive nature.


  • Invisibility Bandana Grants invisibility to the wearer.
  • Lair of Wires: Creates a trap made from wires.
  • Pickpocket: Ability to steal items depending on level. Key items excluded.


Apparently she is the third least liked character by the author, Son Hee Jun.

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