Vital statistics
Age 13
Debut Chapter 1
Occupation Middle School Student
In-Game Job None
Family Father (Deceased)
Weapon None
Jang-Gun's sister. She spend most of her time on online dating nets.

Personality Edit

Jang-Mi is shown to be upbeat and gets along well with her brother normally. She can be a bit forgetful and gets lost in the moment. Because of her habit of chatting with men late at night, she has shown to be very interested in boys.

History Edit

Arriving in Normal Town Edit

Jang-Gun is kicked out of his game and quickly rises from his bed to find his sister, Jang-Mi, on his computer. He quickly chastises her for using it since the net-terminal he uses takes up all of the cable's capacity, making multi-channels impossible. He suggests using dial-up, but she complains it's so slow, even though it's not her computer, to his chagrin. He lets her know it's frustrating getting kicked off like that, though she herself doesn't get why the game is fun since it makes her dizzy. Jang-Gun rhetorically asks if chatting with guys at night is fun and what their mother would think. Jang-Mi simply wishes her brother a good night as he logs back on.

After getting kicked of again, Jang-Gun finds his mother, smoking, and turning off the power and his sister is sleeping on the keyboard. Their mother asks if he was up all night gaming and tells him to wake up his sister so they can eat something.

Enter Yureka Edit

She is mentioned by Boromir when he and Adol meet Yureka. Adol wonders why she talks like Lotto. Boromir responds asking if Adol thinks she is Jang-Mi or something and starts to say something about his disbelief on her physical development.

Relationships Edit

Mother Edit

To be added

Jang-Gun Edit

She and her brother seem to have a normal relationship. They don't approve of each other's hobbies, but don't interfere in it either, respecting their space. He is also very overprotective of her, threatening bodily harm in an evil way to guys hitting on her, though this scares her to tears.