Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter Chapter 8
Occupation Unknown
In-Game Job Swordsman
Family Unknown
Weapon Daggers
The creator of Yureka. She sought Elca out in order to become her partner as a killer for the sake of avenging her parents, who committed suicide after being pushed into a corner. She also loves Jang-Gun.

Jeaha is a skilled hacker and used her abilities to create an advanced program capable of creating AIs based on people. Her program was responsible for the creation of Yureka and Neogia and the recent addition of Lotto, this time not based on Jahea herself, but on Jang-Gun. This technology is highly sought-after by corporations such as Dexon. She becomes comatose after an attack with Elca, by sacrificing herself to save Lotto.


Jaeha is emotionally unstable, due to witnessing her father murdering her mother and committing suicide afterward. She seems to have a fixation with Lotto to the point of obsession. She eventually retreated into her mind when Lotto rejected her, and only came out when Lotto called her name out.


Jaeha originally lost her parents when they committed dual suicide, and she vowed to take revenge. She became a hunter with the intention of switching to a killer. When she encountered Elca she joined forces to learn the ways of killing, though she never had killed anyone before or as of yet.

Meet Yureka ArcEdit

Making only a small appearance she appears before Jang-Gun naked in the scanner and leaves the Yureka disc behind.

Doubles Tournament ArcEdit

She makes a brief appearance watching the tournament on a tv on display.


When Jaeha takes control of Yureka, the skills exibited are far beyond any normal player.

  • Security Field: Prevents players from logging off
  • Switch: Capable of swapping places with any other player
  • Prediction: Allows her to predict the moves of her opponent and counter them.
  • Maxed Stats: All of her stats are at the maximum level.

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