Dark Aradon
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter 4
Occupation Unknown
In-Game Job Mage
Family Unknown
Weapon Gladiate

A player killer hunter, Dark Aradon, better known simply as Aradon, is one of the best players in the game and Lotto's main rival. He is capable of using lightning and atmospheric magic, along with being a Master Class Swordmaster, wielding at first the sword of harmony, and then later Gladiat, the Master Class weapon of a Swordmaster. He is currently a Triple Master class in the Warrior, Mage, and Swordmaster classes. His aim is to become the "perfect" mage.

Personality Edit

Aloof and proud Aradon is the image of a lone wolf. Constantly seeking an advantage over his rivals he has a view that no one is able to judge another person's values.


Meeting Lotto, Adol, and Boromir Edit

Aradon is first mentioned by Stanker as being one of the rare few Master Class players, noted as being a silent mage and attaining the Master Class in the shortest amount of time.

He is first seen in Chapter 4, coming back from a hunt. Piri interrupts her talk with Lotto greeting him eagerly. Piri notes it's been a long time and ask where he's been. Aradon answers it wasn't far and that it was just into the mountain range and back. Piri is relieved since she was worried he wasn't visiting anymore since he was gone so long. Aradon laughs it off, sympathizing with her. He then hands some items for her to appraise. Piri is impressed by the amount he collected. She continues to appraise concluding they are all a lot of high value items. Aradon tells her to pay what she thinks is appropriate. Throughout the conversation, Lotto tries to confront Aradon for butting into their conversation and tries to get Piri to talk to him again, both not paying any attention to him. Aradon finally addresses Lotto, telling him he's being annoying, calling him a kid, and tells him to get lost. Lotto starts to snap, but just as he's about to attack Aradon, Adol deals a knockout blow to stop. He then passes Lotto off to Boromir to pummel him further. Adol politely apologizes to Aradon, telling him to go about his business. Aradon watches on suspiciously as the trio walk off, dragging a dizzy Lotto behind them.

Later, out in the forest, he is finishing hunting Stanker for his player killing activity and thanks him for his loot. He lands the finishing blow, causing Stanker to scream, alerting Adol and Boromir of their location. When they arrive he asks who Adol is. Adol wonders if he was too late as Aradon stares at him.He then asks Adol what he wants, to which Adol asks if he can really ask that after looking at the corpse behind him. Aradon looks back and then answers he was just doing his job and if that was problem. Adol concludes he's a PK (Player Killer), stating that they say all jobs are equally honorable, but that Aradon crossed the line and begins his attack.

Aradon quickly casts Fire Wall, blocking Adol's attack. However, Adol says cheap tricks won't work on him and burst through the wall. He doesn't find Aradon and wonders if he teleported. Aradon revealed to just be in the flames and casts Lightning Bolt on Adol taunting him for being hasty. Adol, stunned, is surprised at this, wondering how he got there. Aradon lightly admonishes him for attacking without perceiving an opponent's level as presumptuous, revealing he's also aware of Boromir's location. Boromir is shocked that he was found, but swings his mace anyway, easily missing. Aradon explains that it's better to abort an attack if caught striking from behind since it makes the attacker's weakness more apparent. He then casts Paralyze on Boromir. Boromir asks how he knows his name. Aradon states that he recognized Triple Threat back in town and that they're fairly well-known. This makes Boromir happy, even if it's to a certain degree. Aradon states talking has come to end and that it's better to finish it now. As he prepares his next attack, Boromir realizes they really underestimated him, not realizing he'd be so powerful as to defeat Adol in one hit and regrets Lotto isn't with them.

Just as Boromir was about to be defeated, Lotto announces he finally found them, completely unaware of their fight. He taunts rhetorically asking if they really thought they could escape him after everything they've done. Boromir is happy to see Lotto and Lotto responds he never loses sight of his prey. He jumps of the cliff, casting Fireball, and attacks Boromir, to both Boromir and Aradon's surprise. Lotto keeps pummeling Boromir explaining angrily they wouldn't be safe after beating him up like that while Boromir futilely tries to stop him. Lotto then realizes he forgot about someone looking in Aradon's direction. Aradon smiles cockily, but Lotto walks past him and stomps on Adol for causing the beating in the first place. Boromir taunts Aradon about Lotto completely ignoring him. Aradon, anfrily calling Lotto an annoying little brat, challenges Lotto for ignoring him. Lotto stops asking him what he just said, furiously, and if he's trying to piss him off more, casting a Fireball. Aradon returns the question with the same, preparing an attack. Lotto stops midway noticing Adol is not stopping him for restraining him for situations like these.

Fed up, Aradon starts summoning Sylphid to teach Lotto a lesson. Lotto then starts summoning his own, but Boromir warns him he started his incantation too late and will be blasted before he finishes. He starts to take the hit, but manages to complete his incantation, summoning Efreet to counter Sylph, since fire element has an advantage over wind element. Aradon prepares to cast another spell, but Lotto quickly jumps in and lands a cut on Aradon with his sword. Lotto reveals he's not just a mage, but has been leveling up Swordmaster. Aradon deflects the sword from Lotto's hands. He reveals Lotto is not the only one and removes his robes, showing off his armor and sword underneath.

He formally introduces himself as Dark Aradon and assumes Lotto heard of him, but Lotto admits he doesn't, further pissing off Aradon. He threatens to kill Lotto, with Lotto backing out saying he might remember. Adol, revealed to be injured but alive, answers that Dark Aradon is the one who holds the record for becoming a Master in the shortest amount of time and is a famous PK-Hunter. Adol states if he knew that from the beginning, eh would've fought with everything he had, with Boromir, also revealed to be just fine, noting Adol must have had a lot of time thinking while he was down. Aradon regrets not killing Boromir when he had the chance, since Paralysis wasn't enough. Boromir is ready for Round 2, but Adol thinks there's been a misunderstanding. Boromir asks how and Adol answers that Aradon isn't a criminal and that he hunts criminals. Boromir then asks about the body and Adol suspects it's a wanted criminal from somewhere. Lotto, unaware of the current events, asks what they are talking about. Aradon's horse arrives again startling Lotto. Aradon answers that Adol is correct and that the body is the mage with the blood-stained robes everyone's talking about. Adol asks why Aradon didn't just explain this from the very beginning since he could have. Aradon simply answers he was curious about the ability of the famed Triple Threat and rides off.

----------------------------------------------In the tournament arc he pairs up with Alpha and together they make it to the final round and face off against Lotto, until their fight is interrupted by Cube. In the demon invasion he, Lotto, and Olios pass through Basara's route to reach the Demon Isle.

Relationships Edit

Lotto Edit

Lotto and Aradon are chief rivals and generally do not like each other due to their many differences. Their personalities also clash causing them to get into arguments very quickly and itching to fight and find out once and for all who was the better fighter. Both Lotto and Aradon believe the other is beneath them in terms of ability, despite never finishing a match or defeating one another.

Adol Edit

Even on opposing sides, Aradon and Adol treat each other respectfully. Aradon is familiar with Adol's fighting methods and was able to easily counter them in their first encounter due to Aradorn's experience fighting other players.

Boromir Edit

Aradon and Boromir barely interacted, but it's shown that Boromir was aware of Aradon's magical strength from the start, slightly fearing him. Aradon in turn was impressed with Boromir since his Paralysis spell wasn't as effective as he thought.

Piri Edit

Aradon, like Lotto, frequents Piri's shop to sell his drops from his hunting and PK hunter activities. He is very friendly with her and respects her very much. While she secretly is in love with him, he does not display any romantic interest in return.


  • PvP Experience: As a PK hunter he has vast experience in fighting other players in contrast to Lotto similar experience against mobs.
  • Mastery of Lightining: Aradon has an affinity to lighting magic allowing him to use lighting more freely.
  • Chain Lightining: A lightning spell that allows him to hit several targets at once.
  • Lightning blade: Generates a blade of lightning that surronds his hand givng him cutting power on par with the Gladiat
  • Homing Missile: A spell that creates a magical missle that homes in on his enemy's location.
  • Lightning: A high leveled spell that sends a thunderbolt towards his opponent.
  • Electroshocker: A spell that sends a wave of electricty towards his oppenents electrocuting them.
  • Summoning - Sylphid: Capable of summoning the Goddess of Wind
  • Fire Wall: He uses this against Adol to prevent Adol attacking him
  • Paralysis: Used on Boromir to prevent him from moving.


  • Gladiate: A sword of light that cannot be stopped except by another Gladiate.

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Chapter 5 cover featuring Aradon and Lotto