Boromir (Kwan-Su)
Vital statistics
Age 15
Debut Chapter Chapter 1
Occupation Student
In-Game Job Priest
Family Unknown
Weapon Ogre Scimitar [Broken]


Boromir is a player character controlled by Kwan-su. The more stupid of the three in Lotto's group, he is a master level priest and is on the way of becoming a double master with his Warrior class. He is probably the most abused character in the series, by the most people due to his arrogant attitude, womanizing, verge of perverted, actions, and in general whenever he speaks he gets smacked. He is often paired up with Ah-Dol, like in the case of the doubles tournament arc. In the demon invasion arc he got the honnorary title temple knight. In the Dragonlands arc he is controlled by Iruhan to fight against the elites. In the Last Saga arc he carries the keys for the group.


He is a heavy womanizer though usually he gets beaten up for his actions. He is also rather proud. He is rather perverted and enjoys teasing Lotto for his height. His friends are mostly ashamed of him at times and other times disgusted with these aspects. Yet he also has a sense of loyalty to his friends and a good sense of helping others in times, usually for personal gain.


As a priest Boromir is capable to pull some common priest skill:

  • Sacrifice: Boromir only mention that he capable of pulling this skill, but to selfish to cast it on Ah-dol.
  • Common Buff skill


  • Boromir is named after The Lord of the Rings character.
  • The lowest reputation character on Lost Saga
  • Currently researching NPC's panties color.

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