Vital statistics
Age unknown
Debut Chapter Chapter 11
Occupation unknown
In-Game Job Swordman
Family unknown
Weapon Ego Sword
Also known as Basara the Gladiator. He is considered the strongest player in all of Lost Saga. He pretty much does whatever he wants. He is first seen defeating the last boss of Terror Tower and then comparing swords,tosing away the weaker one and keeping his own. In the demon invasion arc he resolves to defeat the Kast the demon king by cutting him repeatedly, ultimately decapitating him and tossing his head into the sea. He was defeated by Ban as Slayan, and end up wandering aimlessly until he encounters Jijon Jang. He wields the Ego Sword, which is possessed by the spirit Faelina who Basara cares for deeply but the sword loses it's power when the ego is hurt (losing battles). He later regains his swords power by defeating Ban , but he had no keys so he took on Leviathan on his own, and wins single handedly.


Aside from super abilities and being able to fight Ban one on one. He possesses the Ego Sword, a sword inhabited by a spirit, Faelina who loves Basara. He is able to call this sword from the ground.

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