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Opening Arc (Vol. 1)Edit

Meet Team Triple Threat it opens with Lotto joining his friends though he freezes out due to his siter using the multi-terminal connection on his PC. After kicking his sister off he logs back in and finds himself logged back in on a toliet. He then goes to meet Boromir and Ah-Dol at the pub and later cuts off Boromir when he gets insulted.

Endless horde vs. Triple Threat With the inpending release of the new patch Lotto and his team hear about a crisis where an endless horde is being spawned on new monsters, Black Wolves.

Battle with Aradon

Revenge of the Angels

Meet Yureka ArcEdit

Yureka volume02 02
For Jang-Gun's birthday he goes to Woon Ha's store to get his subscription to Lost Saga renewed. He later bumps into Jaeha who is getting scanned. He gets his subscription renewed but also picks up a data disk with the label "Yureka." Returning home he puts in a disk and ends up logging in as Yureka, wanting to have fun he goes to meet his friends as Yureka. Eventually, Yureka joins team Triple Threat

Tournament ArcEdit

The preliminaries consisted of fighting against high-level monsters. Such as a lich and other high powered monsters. While Lotto and Yureka were able to kill them the requirement was only to last thirty minutes with the monsters. By the end of thirty minutes only eight teams had survived.

Round 1:Edit

Team Lotto vs Team RoweEdit

Originally it was a mage face off between Lotto and Orugazi, where Orugazi casts Meteor and Lotto counters with Earthquake, eventually the mages are put out of condition, it leaves the fight to be amongst Yureka and Rowe. Rowe tries to subscribe to chivalry but ends up fighting Yureka only to be overmatched. After realizing his loss he tries to gives up but is killed by a half-dead Lotto resulting in team Lotto's victory.

Team Aradon vs. Team Death:Edit

The match begins with the necromancer's ally being killed by Aradon, but he is then revived by the necromancer using a ring that will increase the user's level by half. Aradon easily cuts through him and Alpha explains to the necromancer that he lost due to his inability to use his new power to the fullest.

Team Rapha vs. Fallen AngelsEdit

The battle begins with Rapha casting an enormous amount of buffs

Team Boromir and Ah-dol vs. WeaklingsEdit

In the course of this match they fought what looked like warriors but they were quickly defeated. One seems to be modelled after a street fighter character.

Round 2:Edit

Team Lotto vs. Team RaphaEdit

it starts off as a versus between John and Yureka, with Rapha protecting herself with Holy Cross again. As Yureka and John appear evenly matched Lotto approaches Rapha, and surprisingly launches a fireball at himself, rebounding it against a shield in order to bypass Holy Cross.

Team Aradon vs. Team Ah-dol and Team BoromirEdit


Team Lotto vs. Team AradonEdit

Demon Invasion ArcEdit


Defenders of Luciferia

After recieving the challenge from Cube, Lotto, and the majority of master-level players set out to defeat the demon King Kast. The ones remaining had to defend Luciiferia.

Invasion of Demon IsleEdit

the two groups take different routes

Team One- (Lotto, Aradon, Olios,Yureka, and Basara)Edit

It begins with Aradon opening a passage to the Demon Isle by casting a storm at the thirsting hill. They enter to encounter the boss Cerberus, and hellhounds, Aradon and Olios try to defeat it but are pushed back then Yureka kills all the hellhounds in 30 seconds and pins Cerberus easily, allowing Lotto to kill it easily leaving Aradon and Olios dejected.

Team Two- (Il-Ban, Kapri, Boromir, Ah-Dol)Edit

Defense of LuciferiaEdit

Originally the armies were the combined forces of the npc guilds and Luciferian army versuses the demon foes. The combined forces being led by the great warrior Baroque.

Everyone versus the Demon KingEdit

Find the CoreEdit

End Demon ArcEdit


The End Demon is released due to Lotto breaking the seals. The End Demon takes out Cube and Neogia. Ah-dol, Boromir, and the other players retreat by killing themselves, except Lotto and Yureka.

On the Demon IsleEdit

Upon arriving Lotto's group faces X-case and Boromir's group faces Muria

On the MainlandEdit

Dragonlands ArcEdit


After the End Demon Arc a trio of deliquents emerges that exists to player kill the heroes of Luciferia. led by Jijon Jang, they decide to level up easy by becoming the slayers of the heroes of Luciferia. So they begin a campaign to destroy the people who fought against the End Demon.

Jaeha Massacre ArcEdit

After uncovering the threat to JIjon Jang's life and finding the shocking truth that Mirenne is the informant and that Yureka was the assassin. It becomes apparent Mirenne was feeding information to Jaeha and Crunade was feeding information to Elca. Jaeha begins her attack leading to her eventual warpath in which the solution is to log out all other players.

Last Saga ArcEdit

The Dexon Corporation merger begins, sending a ripple effect through the game world.

Key FightEdit

Lost Saga begins a new, unexplained game event in which each gamer begins possessing a key with an unknown purpose. As the rules are discovered for passing keys between players, people begin battling for the keys. This surge of activity on the Mainland catches the eyes of banished PKers from the Dragon Lands.

The FloodEdit

Poor weather in Lost Saga becomes an unprecedented flood. The every-man-for-himself mindset of the players changes as they realize a vast flood will be the beginning of the end of Lost Saga. All players must board an ark to transfer their characters from Lost Saga to its successor Last Saga.

Battle on the SummitEdit

Instead of waiting for the waters to rise enough to take them to their destination, certain high-level players enter the mountain they intend to reach the top of and battle their way to the top, before meeting at the summit. Some may have unseemly agendas.

The Leviathan awakens and players duel on the summit against the unstoppable Ban.

Auction TournamentEdit

Elca is kidnapped and Jang-Gun comes into possession of Jaeha's AI-creating programming. He decides upon a tactical use for it.

The tournament is brokered by a third party with Lotto and Jang-gun as a team. With allies hidden in between.