Aradon Dark
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter {{{debut chapter}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
In-Game Job Mage
Family Unknown
Weapon Gladiate

A player killer hunter, Aradon is one of the best players in the game and Lotto's rival. He is capable of using lightning and atmospheric magic, along with being a master-class swordmaster, wielding at first the sword of harmony, and then later Gladiat, the master-class weapon of a swordmaster. He is currently a triple master class in the warrior, mage, and swordmaster discipline. His aim is to become the "perfect" mage.


In the tournament arc he pairs up with Alpha and together they make it to the final round and face off against Lotto, until their fight is interrupted by Cube. In the demon invasion he, Lotto, and Olios pass through Basara's route to reach the Demon Isle.


Aloof and proud Aradon is the image of a lone wolf. Constantly seeking an advantage over his rivals he has a view that no one is able to judge another person's values.


Aradon is a highly skilled player having been the first to reach both double and triple master class levels.

  • PvP Experience: As a PK hunter he has vast experince in fighting other players in contrast to Lotto similar experince against mobs.
  • Mastery of Lightining: Aradon has an affinity to lighting magic allowing him to use lighting more freely.
  • Chain Lightining: A lightning spell that allows him to hit several targets at once.
  • Lightning blade: Generates a blade of lightning that surronds his hand givng him cutting power on par with the Gladiat
  • Homing Missile: A spell that creates a magical missle that homes in on his enemy's location.
  • Lightning: A high leveled spell that sends a thunderbolt towards his opponent.
  • Electroshocker: A spell that sends a wave of electricty towards his oppenents electrocuting them.
  • Wind Summon: Capable of summoning a wind familiar
  • Other Basic Spells: (See Spells)


  • Gladiate: A sword of light that cannot be stopped except by another Gladiate.

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