Alpha (Woon Ha)
Vital statistics
Age unknown likely in his 20s
Debut Chapter 7
Occupation Cyber Cafe Administrator [Owner?]
In-Game Job Ranger
Family Woon-Suk (Ah-Dol) (Younger Brother)
Weapon Unknown

Alpha the Ranger (though he persistently insists he is a ninja) is one of the most powerful players in the game, and was partnered with Aradon during the Tournament Arc. His class was originally thought to be Assassin, but in actuality he has gained a high level in nearly every class, profession, and skill in an attempt to become a ninja. By verdict of Ilban, however, everyone calls him a Ranger, and he is recognized as Alpha the Ranger even when he takes on other identities. He constantly changes his screenname, cycling through letters of the Greek alphabet. He assumed the name of Sauel Abi Beta, a martial artist, during the Demon Invasion Arc. During the Yureka Massacre Arc, he presented himself as Gamma, Phantom Hunter, and decided to fight against Jaeha. In the Last Saga Arc, he disguised himself as Delta, a musician. In addition, he is known as Crimson Satellite Omega in Cyberquest, and is by far the best player, closely followed by Persona (Il-ban's CQ character), Kamus, and Kite.

In real-life he is Woon-Ha, the older brother of Ah-dol (Woon-Suk), and is the proprietor of a net cafe frequented by such characters as Lotto and Ollie. He has a largely unexplained knowledge of the underworld of hunters and killers. He has at least one contact within Dexon and has displayed considerable hacking skills, which he seems to employ as a Hunter.



His personality is somewhat up to debate, being flighty but shown to have a sharp temper and an eerie intimidation similar to Ah-dol's. He also wishes for his brother to acknowledge him as the older and wiser one.


Hao yureka v05 p100


Woon Ha has trained to all the possible classes making him a highly versatile fighter. He has vast experience in gaming and is in possession of a vast intellect, showing considerable knowledge in the cyber underworld and excellent hacking skills. He Has a dream to create his own strongest original class where no one else could copy so thats why he play with several character.

Alpha ( Ranger )

he firstly claims his tittle as a Ninja, but given as Ranger by ilban. Alpha is a jack of all trades but master of none Character which if He spent his exp on his two major classes, he could easily became a Double Master. Alpha ability should not be underestimed even though he a master to none class, He matched evenly with ilban who had just became a master.  Classes

Primary : Assasin Level 70+
Secondary : Thief level 50+
Optional : Priest , Sorcerer , Swordsman, Necromancer Warrior level 20+


  • Cloning: A product of alchemy that tricks the mind and creates clones divided in power.
  • Poison tasting: The ability to recognize any poison by taste.
  • See dead: The ability to see dead.
  • Talk to dead: The ability to talk to dead.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combatant
  • Holy Cross: Defensive Barrier against attacks if is still vulnerable to rebound shots
  • Cooking: Ability to create delicious food.
  • Healing : Ability to cure any injuries

Beta SkillsetEdit

  • *Martial Arts*
  • Weapons: Wields two curved blades

Gamma SkillsetEdit

Delta SkillsetEdit

Epsilon SkillsetEdit

  • Bard: Musical ability

Omega skillsetEdit

  • Mastery of Swordsmanship- Complete

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