Ah-Dol (Woon-Suk)
Vital statistics
Age 15
Debut Chapter Chapter 1
Occupation Student
In-Game Job Warrior
Family Woon Ha (Older Brother)
Weapon Elemental Knuckle

Ah-Dol is a master level warrior, member of Team Triple Threat. He is also a high level Mage and specializes in combining his powers for melee fighting. His brother is Alpha (Woon Ha) with whom he holds extreme rivalry, even picking a fight with him during the fight with Ban. He looks down on AIs and is continually mentioned to treat them as inferior to humans.


An incredibily calm person Ah-Dol is able to deal with Lotto and Boromir's antics and is shown to be the brains of the team often being asked for infomation. Although he is usually always smiling and the most logical of his teammates, whenever his pride is hurt or his brother becomes involved, he turns uncontrollable. He also has a deep respect of his team and is willing to help Lotto even if it puts him in danger.


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  • Master Hand to Hand combat: He is an incredible master of martial arts which he uses to great effectiveness.
  • Magic Abilites: He is a user of elemental magic that combines it with martial art attacks.
  • Master Mage Abilities: He is also capable of using magic separately as a double master
  • Combat style: He likes fast close combat, and usually he doesn't combine magic with his physical attacks at the very beginning.


  • Ah-Dol is apparently the second-least favorite character of the author, Son Hee Joon.

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