Adol (Woon-Suk)
Vital statistics
Age 15
Debut Chapter Chapter 1
Occupation High School Student
In-Game Job Monk
Family Woon-Ha (Older Brother)
Weapon Elemental Knuckle

Adol is a Master level Monk, member of Team Triple Threat. He is also a high level Mage and specializes in combining his powers for melee fighting. His brother is Alpha (Woon-Ha) with whom he holds extreme rivalry, even picking a fight with him during the fight with Ban. He looks down on AIs and is continually mentioned to treat them as inferior to humans.


A rational and calm person, Adol is able to deal with Lotto and Boromir's wild antics. He is very clever and able to deduce what's going on He also has a deep respect of his team and is willing to help Lotto even if it puts him in danger. He generally is shown with his eyes closed and calm, but if angered for any reason, his eyes open up.


Background Edit

A year before the series begins, Triple Threat were on the hunt for a criminal named Dreymon. While his strength was nothing special, he was very good at keeping hidden. At the time, newbie players Julie and K.C attempted to steal from them, but were caught. Boromir and Lotto taunt and threaten to take them to jail, since stealing is a crime in the game, just like the real world. Adol, however, recognizes them as the pop idols, The Lovely Angels. The girls admit this, acting cute and hoping an autograph will get the to let them go. Lotto is interested in the fact they are The Lovely Angels and Boromir adds they have no use for an autograph. The group evilly blesses their fortune as the girls hold each other in fear of them. The team opens a stand outside of town to exploit them. Boromir advertises as loudly as he can that players can have the chance to hug for 150 Gold or kiss for 200 Gold or both for 250 Gold. Adol is apprehensive, but goes along with it as Lotto collects the fees. Overenthusiastic (and even gross) fans line up to kiss and hug them, despite their objections. Sick of it, they tell Lotto they'd rather go to jail after all. Lotto, however, threatens to leak their thieving which would hurt their publicity and maybe even ruin them. Julie cries as she went through a lot of trouble to be a singer. K.C. argues that what Lotto is doing now would also cause bad publicity. Lotto reveals he had everyone who paid sign a contract that required to keep them a secret and even offered to change the kiss to a kiss on the cheek, but K.C. doesn't believe them. He then tells the fans,a bunch of dark-skinned and muscley players, to keep this a secret or they would not receive an after-service, to Julie's objections. The players quickly and happily agree, despite K.C.'s objections. As Gina continues to cry, K.C. decides they'll leave after, not caring if they reveal everything. Lotto is exasperated at their stubborn behavior and Adol regrets being a part of this thanks to Boromir's debt. Lotto reminds them that they are in the middle of the forest with hormone-driven boys and that if they left, he wouldn't be responsible for whatever happened to them afterwards. Trapped, K.C. was forced to give out 72 kisses and 91 hugs while Gina was forced to give out 80 kisses and 102 hugs before. By then, Gina and Jin-Mi's power was cut off, booting them offline, allowing them to escape. Through this deception, they were able to find Dreymon and easily defeat him as well as make a profit.


Arriving in Normal Town Edit

Adol and Boromir log in and meet up with Lotto in Normal Town, the capital of Lucafaria. They recount their delay in Easy Town was to help pay off Boromir's debt. As they discuss what they should do next, Lotto freezes and is disconnected from the internet. When Lotto is able to log back in, Adol sends him a message that they are waiting at the pub, forgetting to tell him which pub it is.

As they are waiting, Boromir gripes how they are drinking soda and Adol reminds them they are still underage, even in the game world. Boromir doesn't see the point since it's just a game. Adol explains that it's a problem of "taste" in that because there are adult players who can drink it, there would be a problem if kids also were able to taste it and develop a liking to it. As Boromir groans about real-world restrictions in the game-world, Adol receives a message from Lotto chasting him about not saying which pub they're in, mistaking it for him being lost. Boromir starts making fun of him for being like a lost kid since he's so short and Lotto messages Adol to relay a threat while Lotto points his sword at Boromir's neck, making him apologize and submit. Lotto reveals he found them quickly because of how predictable they were. After making fun of Boromir for not being able to taste alcohol after all, they agree to go to the Sunken Dungeon.

When they arrive, Lotto and his team are initially skeptical since it appears no different than the dungeons at Easy Town, but because it was around their level they decide to head on in. They are interrupted at the entrance by two Swordmaster players, Rowe and Michelle, mistaking them for beginners. They try to pretend to guide the trio around the Sunken Dungeon, but are ignored as they enter. Rowe and Michelle follow trying to insist, but Adol quickly deduces that they died and lost their loot in the dungeon. With no recovery items and no money, they're hoping to join a party in order to get them back. Adol allows them to join, so long as they stay out of the way, with Michelle chastising Rowe. Adol thinks it'll be fine and Boromir complains he's too nice. When they encounter a monster, Rowe kills it as a means to help the Triple Threat team, but was furiously reprimanded by Lotto for taking his experience. Adol reminds them that's what he meant by not to bother them.

As they fight, Michelle notes that they are a Swordmaster (Lotto), Warrior (Boromir), and Mage (Adol). Rowe adds that it's a common party grouping since they can cover each other's weaknesses, but that they are not anything special. As they reach a split on the tunnels, a Minotaur approaches, the same monster that killed Rowe and Michelle. It manages to land a blow on Adol and breaks Lotto's sword when he tries to attack. Rowe thinks they are defeated and resigns himself to attack the monster, despite their earlier objections but Boromir stops him. Rowe starts to object but Boromir confidently confirms they are not defeated and casts Cure on an impatient and angry Adol allowing him to regain his strength and use Striking and continually punches the Minotaur in a blind fury. Michelle explains that Cure is an advanced healing spell and Rowe realizes Adol is a Monk, both amazed at how strong they are. Lotto then chuckles evilly and begins casting a doubled Fireball. Rowe is shocked that he is a Mage. Boromir notices Lotto is going crazy and tries to get Adol to stop him, but is angrily rebuffed. Before he can cast the spell, Lotto is once again frozen and disconnected from the net. Adol, still pummeling the Minotaur in bloodlust, asks Boromir if he said anything, though Boromir dismissively says nothing and for Adol to get back to what he was doing. After the fight, Adol, feeling refreshed, offers to help Rowe and Michelle find their stuff, but they turn him down, frightened of them.

The next day, Gwon-Su and Woon-Suk greet Jang-Gun to find him studying on his terminal. Woon-Suk however presses a button that switches from a dictionary to a Lost Saga game map, the Photon Dungeon, much to Woon-Suk's and Gwon-Su's amusement. Jang-Gun complains about being sleepy. Woon-Suk suggests control his playing or using Sleep Mode since he seems addicted, but Jang-Gun refuses saying he loses feeling that way, making it harder to play. Woon-Suk then asks when he sleeps. Gwon-Su answers to just sleep at school and tells them to wake them up at lunchtime. Jang-Gun states he's not like Gwon-Su and that Lost Saga is starting to get boring, contemplating playing a different game. Woon-Suk also wonder if there's an MMORPG they haven't played yet. Jang-Gun continues saying he changed classes for something different, but reverts to his original class when he gets angry making the whole thing pointless. Woon-Suk then passes along the news he heard about Lost Saga getting an expansion update soon. Jang-Gun asks when it will be released. Woon-Suk explains there's no release date but that the servers have been unstable, which he suspects is things being tested out. He further explains that the servers are going to handles twice as many members, at least 5 different countries to explore, and that Master classes will get their maximum levels increased. Jang-Gun is impressed and remarks that Dexon, Inc. must be making a lot of money. Woon-Suk thinks it's more than that since there's a rumor the company is merging with Mega Entertainment and that they received enough offers from 3rd parties to revamp the gameplay. This news excites Jang-Gun and Woon-Suk shows him the site.

Yun-Ji enters the classroom and greets Woon-Suk and Jang-Gun as Jang-Gun quickly switches back to his study site. Yun-Ji looks over his screen and commends him for preparing for today's lesson, though Woon-Suk missed this change. Jang-Gun asks what she wants and Yun-Ji asks Jang-Gun to help her carry the water kettle for her when it gets full, blushing. Jang-Gun politely refuses with the excuse that he's busy and Gwon-Su quickly stands up. Yun-Ji nervously greets him and Gwon-Su returns his greeting, calling her "Cute Yun-Ji." Thinking he's acting like a shounen hero, he offers to carry the kettle for her, dragging an objecting Yun-Ji along the way. Jang-Gun says by, relieved that "the annoying girl" is gone so he can read the news site from earlier. Woon-Suk, disgusted, tells Jang-Gun to control himself, asking if that's the real Jang-Gun he sees on the net. Jang-Gun admits he doesn't know either, since the unique thing about the net is he can show another side of himself.

That evening, back on Lost Saga, Lotto pumps up the team to start the day (in-game time) in a lively way. Adol advises he should act like this all the time, not just online. They decide to go to the Photon Dungeon, like they always do. Lotto, not paying attention, states he should Master his Swordmaster class before the update and runs into someone. He accuses the player, an older looking man, for not paying attention. The player responds the it was Lotto who wasn't paying attention, calling him a kid. This sets Lotto off and he prepares to comically fight him. The player innocently states he called a kid a kid. Adol, restraining Lotto, agrees there is no problem. Lotto starts to get upset at Adol, but Adol apologizes and tells him to bear with it. Two players, Stanker and Coen, overhear Lotto's claim to class mastery and mock him for it. The approach the older player, Capri, and Coen uses him as an example on how it would take him half a year to Master his Warrior class, even though he's Level 82. Stanker adds that only 10 players are Class Masters in Lost Saga and that they need to have 6,000 hours to reach the status, making it very hard to find any player that persistent. Capri asks if they ever met a Class Master, to which they admit they only heard rumors around Normal City. Stanker relays The Fallen Angels, Julie and K.C., who are Master level Thieves. He then tells of Ilban, the Dark Priest, known for his violent behavior who lives in the Dragonlands. He then tells of a player named Dark, a silent Master Mage, who holds the record for becoming a Master in the shortest amount of time. He then reveals Lotto, Adol, and Boromir. He explains they are arrogant players who have been around since the earliest beta stages of the game and are known for being able to completely balance their power. Finally, he reveals Basara, the mysterious Warrior, who lives up to his reputation as the greatest player in Lost Saga. Capri is impressed they have such knowledge, to which they admit they've been around a while despite their levels. Capri recalls he received help from a Level 50 Ilban back when Capri was a newbie. Coen and Stanker are in awe that he met Ilban and ask if he mentored Capri. Capri answers he paid back everything he owed. Lotto, Adol, and Boromir decide to leave since it'll be too much trouble if they are discovered.

As they walk off, they come across an injured player who begs them to his friend who is trapped in a dungeon with an endless supply of monsters. Adol asks the player to calm down and explain himself. The player, distraught, explains they kept coming despite constantly killing them. They couldn't disconnect and even if they died, they would revive in the same spot, implying he barely escaped. Lotto suspects it's an infinite spawn bug and Adol agrees. Capri arrives also voicing his suspicion the server has become unstable in the middle of upgrading and then asks where the dungeon is. The player objects saying the won't be able to fight them off with a few guys since they were very powerful, not just numerous. Capri rebuffs this saying other than Bosses, there's no monster he can't slay and the size of the mob doesn't matter, asking again. The player relents saying it's in the Photon Dungeon. Lotto, Adol, and Boromir silently and awkwardly look at each other.

In the dungeon, Capri and the player are shown to be fighting the monsters and struggling. Tearfully, the player insists it's only a little further. Capri is surprised, not just by the excessive monster, but by the color and boss-like strength of the monsters. He calls over to Stanker and Coen, who are in a safe location, asking them to help think of a plan. However, Stanker refuses saying they don't stand a chance if even a Level 80+ player is having trouble. They then decide to take Capri's loot after he dies. Capri is enraged at their cowardice, threatening to kill them. Coen mocks Capri for doing something impossible as stopping an infinite spawn bug. Stanker admits there is actually way. He explains that originally monsters were programmed to only spawn if an existing monster disappears and says the infinite bug spawn creates additional monsters after a set amount of time, regardless if one has been killed or not. If they can block the spot where the monsters spawn, they'd be able to block the creation of additional monsters. Overhearing this, Lotto then kicks Stanker off the ledge, getting him killed instantly by the monsters. Capri looks up to find Lotto, Adol, and Boromir, with Boromir holding up Coen. Lotto then greets Capri by praising him, to his surprise. Lotto then notices they are new monsters and wonders if they are for the upgrade test. Adol notices they are Black Werewolves, but has no data on them and that they should be careful. Boromir interprets it as saying they don't need to hold back. Lotto is excited since he was wondering if his skills have gotten rusty. Adol agrees it's a good opportunity to vent their accumulated stress and won't interfere with them this time. They then begin fighting.

By the time the system debugger, Myuria, arrives, he and Adol are lost in their bloodlust as he punches the Black Werewolves with an evil grin. He snaps out of it when Boromir alerts them that "Medusa" has arrived, running away with him and Lotto. Lotto asks why Myuria is even here, though Boromir snaps that he doesn't know and to continue running. Adol manages to locate an exit in the back of the dungeon, directing them there.

Back in Normal Town, the trio stop and catch their breath having got away. Adol states they can finally rest. Boromir rhetorically asks why they had to run into Myuria there of all times. Lotto doesn't know, lamenting on their bad luck. Adol wonders why they run away whenever they see her, causing Lotto and Boromir to yell at him for forgetting. Boromir then yells at Lotto why, also forgetting, with Lotto yelling back, also not remembering. They look at each other and awkwardly start to ask Adol only for him to remind them he asked first. Adol concludes they all forgot as Lotto and Boromir laugh awkwardly. He then considers asking her why, but Boromir and Lotto adamantly refuse. Adol argues it feels weird to just run away. Boromir admits that it's true, but that somehow it wouldn't matter even if they knew the truth. Lotto admits something about it bothers him. Adol dismisses the subject asking what they thought about the monsters instead. Boromir arrogantly states they were like gum compared to him. Lotto wants to agree but admits they took a lot of damage and would have died multiple times if Boromir wasn't healing them and are running low on healing items. Boromir notices his mace's durability stat is almost 0. Lotto adds the experience accumulated was too little for them, even though it is quite a lot normally. Adol agrees with their opinions.

Lotto then dismisses it, happy for the new experience. Adol agrees stating that when a game gets boring due to overcrowding, an expansion upgrade is always good for new players. Boromir admits he never really expected an upgrade. Adol suggests they go get the items they used replaced and Boromir reminds them he needs to get his mace fixed. Lotto knows of a good store and offers to take them there.

Adol and Boromir are stunned seeing the rickety store with Piri adjusting it. Lotto ignores this and urges them to go over with him.She looks over her shoulder and notices Lotto, welcoming him. She tells him to wait a minute as she fixes the sign. Lotto tells her to take her time and there's no rush. Adol and Boromir quickly understand the situation and deduce that Lotto is into that kind of girl. Boromir then notices Piri is wearing a long skirt. He lecherously drops on all fours and skitters over so he can see under skirt. He starts to see her underwear, but Lotto stomps on his face. Pirir wonders what the sound is, but Lotto says it's nothing and to continue what she's doing. Boromir yells at him asking if he's trying to kill him. Lotto feigns ignorance weakly saying he thought it was a cockroach, not Boromir. As he and Boromir fight, Piri re-opens her shop.

She asks him if they waited long and if they are looking for anything in particular. Adol asks if she has any Mandragora Extract. She awkwardly answers her store doesn't stock such high-prices items and starts to suggest they should go to another store. Lotto overhears Piri advising them to go to a larger store for more high-priced items and quickly states to just give them 500 Herbs. She asks if he already used the 500 herbs she sold him yesterday. Lotto makes the excuse of doing a lot of hunting while covering Adol's mouth, making him not able to breathe. Boromir responds asking how that could last for two days and remarks the Herbs would used up if they restored his Max HP twice, causing Lotto to punch him in the face quickly. As Piri and Lotto complete the transaction, Adol checks up on Boromir. While Boromir wonders what's so great about the NPC, Adol explains to readers what an NPC is. Boromir then remembers the tooth he picked up, shoves Lotto aside, and asks Piri to appraise it for him, believing it should be worth more than the teeth dropped by regular werewolves.However, because the item is not registered in the database or in the catalog, Piri doesn't recognize it and can't put a price on it. Boromir is disappointed, thinking it's just a rare item, but Myuria, appearing out of nowhere, explains that it will be worth 500 Gold once the new servers open up. Boromir gratefully thanks her and she returns the politeness, as Lotto and Adol increase their distance. Boromir quickly realizes it's Medusa, to her ire. Myuria chastises them for trying to leak test items. Boromir then tells her to stop following them, because it's so annoying. Lotto follows up asking her what they did wrong. Myuria is angrily asks if they don't remember. Lotto confirms they don't and asks again what it could have been, infuriating her even more. Myuria doesn't find it funny and is furious they forgot what they did. Boromir nervously confesses they don't remember while Lotto tries to recall, but fails. Myuria tells them it's something she doesn't want to remember, but that she'll tell them. Unfortunately, she also forgot and asks Piri what it was, though Piri doesn't know anything. Lotto and Boromir turn the tables on her saying the victims should remember. Myuria almost does, but still doesn't.

Meeting Dark Aradon Edit

Lotto and the team have been visiting Piri's shop for a few days, much to Boromir and Adol's annoyance. Boromir asks Adol why they have to watch Lotto flirt around instead of going hunting, but Adol rebuffs the question telling him to ask Lotto. Frustrated, Boromir notes it's been days and that this is wasting their precious online time. Adol, clearly as mad, demands what Boromir wants him to do about it, causing him to back down. They notice Aradon arriving on his horse. As Piri and Aradon converse, they both completely ignore Lotto's confrontations and attempts to turn the conversation back to him. Boromir laughs that Lotto is getting what he deserves and Adol wonders if Aradon is a rival. Aradon finally addresses Lotto, telling him he's being annoying, calling him a kid, and tells him to get lost. Lotto starts to snap, but just as he's about to attack Aradon, Adol deals a knockout blow to stop. He then passes Lotto off to Boromir to pummel him further. Adol politely apologizes to Aradon, telling him to go about his business.

As they are dragging him through town, Boromir is astonished how he is so popular with girls at school, but he acts like how he does in Lost Saga. Adol agrees thinking Lotto has wierd tastes. An NPC guard, suspicious of Adol, stops the group to do a quick inspection. During the inspection, Boromir recaps the guard asking where they've been hunting lately and Adol answers it's been a while since they actually went hunting. Boromir continues saying they were standing at the store on the corner for a while, pointing to Piri's shop. Adol tells the guard there's even a witness if he doesn't believe them. The guard asks about the blood on Adol's robes if that's the case. Adol knows it's Lotto's blood from the earlier strike, but asks the guard why they're being questioned instead. Apprehensive at first, the guard reports there was a player killer in the area showing up from time to time and how Adol looked similar. He shows a poster and tells them they are looking for a mage in a blood-stained robes. Boromir and Adol quickly remember Aradon was also in blood-stained robes. They quickly decide to head back to the shop to catch Aradon, forgetting to answer the guard's question and abandoning Lotto.

When they reach the shop, Boromir realizes Aradon is already gone and Adol asks Piri where he went. She reveals his name, asking if that's who they meant. As Boromir looks around, Piri asks if they have business with him. Adol returns the question asking her if he comes by often. She responds that he comes by to sell items from time to time. Adol then asks what he usually brings. Piri recounts that besides natural items or loot obtained from hunting, he also sells player possessions and equipment. Worried, Piri then asks what this is about and if there's something they're not telling her. Boromir starts to answer, but is violently cut off by Adol. Adol tries to assure her, but Piri is still doubtful. Boromir asks why he could be so cruel as to hit him too. Adol secretly explains that Piri is more interested ion Aradon than Lotto and asks him what if she found out the truth. Boromir quickly understands and lies about wanting to meet him because he's a nice guy to spare her feelings. Adol asks again where he might be. Piri answers that he was looking for a quiet and good place to hunt and she told him a good location. Boromir and Adol are aware of the location and quickly decide to hurry. She tries to get them to wait, but Boromir simply puts on his shoujo smile and says she doesn't need to see them off.

As they rush out of town, another guard tries to stop them again, calling out to Adol. They stop and the guard states he needs to ask them a few questions. Boromir jokes that Adol is getting popular while Adol finds the repeated interrogation a pain. As the guard starts to ask him questions, Adol throws his robes, which are very heavy, at the guard and reveals he's a Monk, not a Mage, and to stop confusing him with the guy in the wanted poster. He then urges Boromir to hurry, though Boromir wonders if they aren't missing something. The guard tries to stop them hoping someone will take off the robes which are as heavy as lead.

Out in the forest, they hear a loud scream. Adol realizes Aradon already started and that the scream means they're in the right place. Boromir uses his Mana Force Sensing to track down Aradon and locates a large mana force in one direction. Adol immediately runs in that direction, but Boromir is worried that it's the same strength as Lotto's mana force. Ado; reaches the location and finds Aradon hovering over a slain body, asking Adol who he is. Adol wonders if he was too late as Aradon stares at him. He then asks Adol what he wants, to which Adol asks if he can really ask that after looking at the corpse behind him. Aradon looks back and then answers he was just doing his job and if that was problem. Adol concludes he's a PK (Player Killer), stating that they say all jobs are equally honorable, but that Aradon crossed the line and begins his attack.

Aradon quickly casts Fire Wall, blocking Adol's attack. However, Adol says cheap tricks won't work on him and burst through the wall. He doesn't find Aradon and wonders if he teleported. Aradon revealed to just be in the flames and casts Lightning Bolt on Adol taunting him for being hasty. Adol, stunned, is surprised at this, wondering how he got there. Aradon lightly admonishes him for attacking without perceiving an opponent's level as presumptuous, revealing he's also aware of Boromir's location. Boromir is shocked that he was found, but swings his mace anyway, easily missing. Aradon explains that it's better to abort an attack if caught striking from behind since it makes the attacker's weakness more apparent. He then casts Paralyze on Boromir. Boromir asks how he knows his name. Aradon states that he recognized Triple Threat back in town and that they're fairly well-known. This makes Boromir happy, even if it's to a certain degree. Aradon states talking has come to end and that it's better to finish it now. As he prepares his next attack, Boromir realizes they really underestimated him, not realizing he'd be so powerful as to defeat Adol in one hit and regrets Lotto isn't with them.

Just as Boromir was about to be defeated, Lotto announces he finally found them, completely unaware of their fight. He taunts rhetorically asking if they really thought they could escape him after everything they've done. Boromir is happy to see Lotto and Lotto responds he never loses sight of his prey. He jumps of the cliff, casting Fireball, and attacks Boromir, to both Boromir and Aradon's surprise. Lotto keeps pummeling Boromir explaining angrily they wouldn't be safe after beating him up like that while Boromir futilely tries to stop him. Lotto then realizes he forgot about someone looking in Aradon's direction. Aradon smiles cockily, but Lotto walks past him and stomps on Adol for causing the beating in the first place. Boromir taunts Aradon about Lotto completely ignoring him. Aradon, anfrily calling Lotto an annoying little brat, challenges Lotto for ignoring him. Lotto stops asking him what he just said, furiously, and if he's trying to piss him off more, casting a Fireball. Aradon returns the question with the same, preparing an attack. Lotto stops midway noticing Adol is not stopping him for restraining him for situations like these.

Midway during Lotto's fight with Aradon, Boromir, no longer paralyzed heals Adol. Aradon formally introduces himself as Dark Aradon and assumes Lotto heard of him, but Lotto admits he doesn't, further pissing off Aradon. He threatens to kill Lotto, with Lotto backing out saying he might remember. Adol answers that Dark Aradon is the one who holds the record for becoming a Master in the shortest amount of time and is a famous PK-Hunter. Adol states if he knew that from the beginning, eh would've fought with everything he had, with Boromir noting Adol must have had a lot of time thinking while he was down. Aradon regrets not killing Boromir when he had the chance, since Paralysis wasn't enough. Boromir is ready for Round 2, but Adol thinks there's been a misunderstanding. Boromir asks how and Adol answers that Aradon isn't a criminal and that he hunts criminals. Boromir then asks about the body and Adol suspects it's a wanted criminal from somewhere. Lotto, unaware of the current events, asks what they are talking about. Aradon's horse arrives again startling Lotto. Aradon answers that Adol is correct and that the body is the mage with the blood-stained robes everyone's talking about. Adol asks why Aradon didn't just explain this from the very beginning since he could have. Aradon simply answers he was curious about the ability of the famed Triple Threat and rides off. As Lotto hides behind Boromir due to him hating horses, he then suddenly realizes that Aradon was the one flirting with Piri. Boromir sarcastically calls him bright as a lightbulb. Adol and Boromir inspect the body and discover the wanted man is Stanker, the guy they ran across in the Photon Dungeon, as Lotto stews about Aradon.

Revenge of The Fallen Angels Edit

Some time later, Lotto, Boromir, and Adol were walking down the street, unaware they were being watched by The Fallen Angels.

A bit later, they are approached by a pretty player asking them to help her friend who was caught in a trap. Boromir turns on his shoujo face and agrees to help, but Lotto says he should go himself, clearly uninterested. The girl starts to offer a reward, but before she can finish her sentence, Lotto swipes the money and agrees to find the trap while Adol asks how much is in the pouch. Boromir looks at them in disappointment. They follow the girl into the forest, near where Triple Threat took advantage of The Fallen Angels, but they don't recognize it. The girl changes her footing, running oddly to Lotto and Boromir, but Adol quickly picks up that it's a trap. Unfortunately, Lotto and Boromir fall into the pit. Lotto is unconscious when he lands as Boromir falls on top of him. The girl is impressed he caught on so quick and figured it was too much to catch all three. Adol realizes she used Silent Step and asks who she really is and what her reason for doing this was. The girl sheds her disguise to reveal she is K.C., taunting Adol that he really shouldn't need to ask. Adol is shocked to see her, but is kicked from behind by Julie, falling into the pit. Boromir dodges the falling Adol, who also lands on Lotto. Julie taunts the group from the pit's edge and K.C. states they plan to return the favor. Boromir doesn't recognize them nor what they're returning the favor for. Adol recognizes them, but doesn't remember where. The girls announce they are The Fallen Angels, saying there's no way they don't remember them now. However, despite being aware of the idol group, they don't recognize them. Julie is prepared to throw a boulder down at them, but K.C. stops her, agreeing with K.C. that they have plenty of time. They placed a high-level barrier on the pit's opening preventing the boys from escaping.

Lotto wakes up in the pit, Boromir noticing he's finally awake. Adol is if he's ok. Lotto answers he is and asks where they are. Adol asks if he doesn't remember and Boromir wonders if he hit his head and got amnesia. Lotto pauses asking Adol the simple-looking idiot is, angering Boromir. Adol takes it as a sign that Lotto is fine. Lotto seriously states he actually doesn't remember what happened and recalls what happened while being filled in by Adol and Boromir. Lotto is enraged they left after exchanging words. Lotto and Boromir are upset they were treated this way for no reason, but Adol rationalizes it's because they don't remember and he's sure they've done a lot of things to piss people off. Lotto then realizes they haven't done anything to escape, seeing no difficulty getting out of the hole. He then casts Teleport. Boromir tries to stop him, but Lotto assures them he'll be out in a sec and to hold on. However, Lotto collides with a magic barrier covering the hole, as Boromir predicted. preventing his escape. Asdol explains the barrier is invisible but present, keeping them in. Lotto tries blasting it with Fireball, but reflects the magic as Boromir explains it can reflect magic, raining Lotto's Fireballs around them and hitting Boromir. Lotto finds this a pain and suggests logging out. Adol responds that there's no point saying they'll only just log back into the pit anyway. Lotto then suggests that instead of waiting for a passerby, they should go offline and get help from another player.

Back in school. Jang-Gun and Woon-Suk approach a 2nd year from their school on the school roof asking him to help them remove a trap barrier. He boasts that there's nothing hard about it and that it's a pro's duty to help out newbies, clearly unaware who they are as well as their disgust with him. He initially asks for no more than 200 Gold, seeing it as being generous to newbies. Woon-Suk and Jang-Gun decide to find someone else, causing him to lower his price to 150 Gold and then 100 Gold, in desperation. He logs on, announcing himself as Moebius, but is defeated by the girls in one hit. K.C. calls down to the pit asking if they remember what they did now. Adol confesses they have really poor memories and still don't know while Boromir threatens them once they escape. K.C. makes a face taunting their escape while Gina decides to leave them in the pit a few more days to regain their senses. Lotto, seriously, tells them they are committing a criminal act for holding them in the pit this long and tells them they informed a system operator, wondering what kind of punishment they'll get. K.C. and Julie look at each other worried about the repercussions.

A little later, the system operator arrives chastising them for the indecent action. The girls apologize making no excuses. The operator explains that they're lucky it was her and not the actual person in charge or they would have been in big trouble. Lotto and Boromir are enjoying hearing them get reprimanded. The operator looks down in the pit to see if they are ok. Lotto and Boromir happily state they're fine and asked to be released. They look up to see the operator is actually Myuria, to their horror. After a few moments, Myuria commends the girls on a good job, while Boromir and Lotto object.

Lotto sighs, accepting the fact they have to wait for a passerby after all. Adol reminds him it'd only work if the girls are not around. Lotto asks if Adol really doesn't remember who they are, to which Adol rhetorically asks if they would still be sitting here if they did. Adol repeats their names and the idol group, The Fallen Angels and suddenly recalls singers and remembers everything. He asks Lotto if he remembers about chasing Dreymon. Lotto recalled it was a guy who liked singers. He remembered he wasn't all that strong, but his hiding gave them a hard time and it was around that time they met The Fallen Angels, remembering their exploitation. Lotto laughs, remember that it was thanks to meeting them that they were able to lure him out. Lotto confesses they had no choice since there was no way the girls would help them even if they explained it to them and must have felt bad about it, even if it wasn't for real. He admits they did something despicable.

As they talk, Boromir has been digging for an exit and pops up behind the eavesdropping girls, admiring the view of their "figures." Before they could react, Boromir pushes them into the pit. He calls down in the pit checking if the girls are there. Lotto confirms they are, thanking him. K.C. apologizes for the misunderstanding and Julie says they won't hold a grudge on them anymore. However, it's all futile as Lotto and even Adol are pretty angry and beat them up.


Hunting in Terror Terror Edit

Piri is greeted by Adol and Boromir asking if he stopped, but she tells him he hasn't. Adol asks Boromir if they should call him, but Boromir rejects it believing Lotto will come to them when the time comes. Piri compliments on their close friendship, though Boromir retorts that it's more of an evil destiny. A mysterious girl greets them, though none of them recognize her. He assumes it's because they're mad he's late, but Piri confirms they never met before, calling him "miss" offending him. Asking if even Piri thinks he looks like a chick. Adol states it's not like one, but rather she is one. Boromir follows up if she wasn't, she wouldn't have those hanging off her, clearly referring to her breasts. He looks down and sees he really does have breasts, shocked and asking what they are absent-mindedly. Adol wonders if she may be crazy asking her if she really doesn't know. Still processing everything, Adol wonders if he met before while Boromir asks Adol to introduce her to him if he did. Lotto asks Piri for a mirror quick and looks into the reflection. He sees that he looks exactly like the girl he met, dropping and breaking the mirror in shock. Piri asks for 50 Gold pieces for the mirror. Adol notices she speaks like Lotto but Boromir is worried Adol thinks she might be Jang-Mi, wondering if her body developed quicker than possible. She then states she confused them for someone else. Adol repeats her statement in confusion, though Boromir accepts it as is. Piri wonders how she knew her name if that was the case. Though when they look back, they see she disappeared. Adol is suspicious of her, believing she seems familiar.

After waiting a little longer Adol decides he's not going to show up and they decide to go by themselves. Piri asks them what she should relay to Lotto if he shows up. Boromir answers "Betrayal results in Death!" while blowing on his finger like a gun barrel. As they walk through town, they meet up with the girl again, asking if they are going hunting. She explains that she had a disagreement with the party she promised to meet and asks to join them. Adol starts to refuse, saying they go to dangerous areas a lot and that it would be difficult, but secretly it's because he doesn't want to split the drops since he'd be worse off. Boromir, however, clubs Adol and says she can join them. She happily thanks them. Adol is quietly upset a this, wishing Lotto was around so he wouldn't have to take this. The girl tells Adol she'll only take 10% of the drops since they're doing her a favor to Adol's relief.

As they walk through the forest, Adol asks how long she's been playing Lost Saga. She answers she's a beginner, so not long. Adol instructs her to stay back and support them from the rear, which she accepts. Boromir offers to have her call him if she's in trouble because he's a high level Priest. Adol thinks they should introduce themselves. Boromir asks for her name. She stalls saying she just started so her memories are hazy. Adol introduces himself and then introduces Boromir. The girl finally introduces herself as the Swordswoman, Yureka. Yureka awkwardly thanks him. Adol announces they arrived to their hunting ground for the day: Terror Tower. Yureka nervously says that it's said several guilds working together came here and were annihilated. Boromir laughs it off saying if they can't go on, they'll quit midway and escape. He then explains there was a time that he and Adol reached the 18th Floor, hoping the top will be within reach if all goes well and then psychs himself up. They then press on to enter the tower.

In the tower, Adol casts Fire Wall and Magic Arrow against a Zombie Dragon. He then uses Combination Magic to create Fire Arrow against the monster. He then rushed the monster and uses Iron Rage Kick to finish it off. Unfortunately, it survived the attack. Yureka warns him, but Adol is unable to get away. Boromir arrives in time and delivers the finishing blow, scolding Adol to be more careful. Adol thanks him for the save. Yureka then asks Boromir what happened to the monsters he was fighting, to which Boromir points out he already killed all five Death Knights. Boromir reminds Adol that they're only on Level 12 and asks if he's got enough energy continue. Adol admits he'll make do somehow. Yureka notices armor underneath Boromir's torn robes and asks about it. Boromir reveals it's Orihalcon Body Armor. Adol explains that Orihalcon is top-grade material that doesn't interfere with magic ability when equipped and that they got it on Level 15. Boromir explains that thanks to the armor he can fight and heal himself at the same time, arrogantly claiming that it's because of the great body control he has, trying to impress Yureka.

Adol notices Yureka's sad and lonely look. As he gets up, he explains that there's another guy they usually hang out with. He describes him as a Mage named Lotto and that while he's a small guy, he's very pretty strong. He tells her that the three of them have played together since the beta service several years ago and that they fit well together. He describes that they all had pretty balanced skill distributions so their skill levels were pretty similar, making fun of Lotto's height again. He then admit that it was no longer the case. He recounts that they all fought an opponent that was very strong, but that even though Adol and Boromir lacked the skill to fight him, Lotto fought him to a standstill. Boromir interrupts him, telling Adol to tell the story straight. Bluntly, Boromir states they didn't have sufficient skill and were unprepared. Adol consoles him, rhetorically asking why they're here. He then returns to Yureka concluding that's why they're here: because they hate to be a burden or more like they hate to fall behind. Boromir urges the group to push on to the next level.

The 18th Floor Edit

After some more climbing they finally reach the 18th floor, Adol and Boromir's record. Adol and Boromir don't recognize it since it wasn't there before. However, the goblin confirms he knows who they are from last time, addressing Adol and Boromir by name, but not recognizing Yureka, asking her name. Yureka starts to call herself Lotto, but cuts herself off quickly saying she meant to say Yureka. She then intimidates the goblin saying she shouldn't have to say her name and asks who he is. The goblin introduces himself as Koin, the guard of Terror Tower. Adol suspects he's either a goblin or maybe a gremlin. Boromir prepares to kill him, but Koin desperately tells them to stop, panicking. He begs them not to kill him since he doesn't give much experience and has almost no Gold. Adol translates that to mean the same thing as "I don't taste very good" to keep from being eaten. Reluctantly, Boromir agrees that it sounds familiar, stopping his attack. Koin corrects himself saying he's more like a guide than a guard. Adol asks what they could possibly need guidance on. Koin simply states they just need to wait 5 minutes. Boromir suggests they kill it, Adol indifferent to the idea, and is about to do so until Koin quickly says it's because the 18th Floor Boss isn't ready yet and they need to wait 5 minutes, cowering. Boromir asks what the point in telling that is. Yureka then thinks it's because the boss character requires high quality graphics and a special AI. Because it takes time to load all that data, what they are experiencing is like a loading message. Koin sucks up to Yureka for that, though Yureka angrily rebuffs him. Boromir doesn't recall anything like that last time, but Adol thinks there is some truth to that theory, adding that the server expansion problems would slow down data processing speed and that this place is no exception. Boromir asks if that's the case. At first Koin refuses to answer because he's a native to Lost Saga and knows nothing about any other worlds, but quickly agrees with Adol's theory after being threatened by Boromir's mace again. Adol relents and decides to wait and take a rest. Yureka agrees as well.

After 5 minutes, Koin thanks them for their patience and says they're free to enter. Boromir scoffs at him saying they were going to do that without him saying anything, kicking Koin on the way in. Adol warns Yureka that he may not be able to protect her this time. As they enter the room, they look around, not sure where it will come from. They then hear the sound of horse hooves. A voice says it's been a while. Adol and Boromir realize it's here. The Centaur reveals itself and taunts the group saying they returned because they couldn't forget his beauty and came seeking him again. Adol reminds Boromir to not get beaten like last time and Boromir confirms that. The Centaur wags his finger saying he doesn't attack their weak points treacherously and will only fight them fair and square. Boromir angrily argues with it that he was, ignoring Adol's warnings. The Centaur taunts him that he likes his spirit.

Boromir angrily chases the laughing Centaur as he wildly swings his mace in rage, to Yureka's disbelief. The Centaur taunts Boromir, getting bored, asks if he's just going to keep chasing him. Boromir smiles as he notices Adol doing a jumping strike at the Centaur in it's blind spot, as they planned. However, even without looking, Centaur was able to dodge Adol's punch due to his enhanced horse hearing. He explains that he was able to hear Adol leap and spotted him from that. Boromir angrily attacks, but is kicked by the Centaur's back legs. Centaur then decides to start attacking, feeling bored, and fires an arrow at Adol, which he dodges. Centaur notices Yureka and apologizes for not entertaining the lady as well, pointing his crossbow at her. Adol uses this distraction to take a chance at attacking, but the Centaur mocks him saying he never learns firing a bolt at him, as Boromir feared would happen. Yureka panics and tries to run towards Adol but Boromir stops him. Yureka argues that Adol will only get hit more if he stays there. Boromir explains that the Centaurs mobility and quick attacks are not what's scary and asks if she knows about the magic spell Confusion. He then explains that if your magic resistance is high, it's not much of a threat. He then hypothetically asks what happens when Confusion is added to a contact weapon. In response, Adol removes the arrow from his chest and looks darkly over to Boromir and Yureka. Boromir ominously states that the last time they were here, Boromir was the one who was hit and nearly killed Adol, to Yureka's shock. Boromir then states he was killed and suffered a game over.

Centaur orders Adol to go kill them. Boromir then orders Yureka to follow his instructions. When she asks what it is, Boromir tells her to buy some time as he escapes, to her fury. She narrowly missed Adol's ground-breaking stomp. He then rushed past Boromir trying to escape and kicked the door shut, saying it's a no-go zone here from here. Boromir angrily defies Adol and swing his mace at him, but Adol blocks the attack. Boromir, impressed at the block. throws a punch, but Adol defends against that as well. Boromir scoffs at Adol trying to have a contest of strength, since Borrmir has a higher strength stat than Adol giving him the upper hand. Adol silent responds by quickly jumping and then kicking Boromir upside the head with both feet. Yureka runs to Boromir and Adol runs for both. Yureka lifts up Boromir., using his body to block Adol's blow. She then pushes him forward, knocking Adol on his back. Yureka steps on Adol and reluctantly punches his head, knocking him out.

After Yureka's bout with The Cenatur, The Centaur grins as Adol walks up to him claiming the fight was now 3 on 1 and orders Adol to finish her.

However, Adol strikes Boromir, knocking him out cold. The Centaur demands to know what he is doing and Adol rebuffs asking what it looks like. He then uses his Gold Dragon Strike, killing the Centaur, to his disbelief. Yureka cheers asking Adol if his charm got dispelled. Adol admits that's not what happened, revealing his chest armor, saying he was never affected in the first place. Yureka, confused, what happened up til now. Adol explains that it was an act while he waiting for an opening to attack, but that Yureka was doing better than he expected. Acting girly, Yureka playfully scolds him for not warning her. Adol tries to explain that there's a saying to deceive your enemies, you must deceive your friends. At first Yureka suspects the same is for Boromir, but Adol denies this, saying that's expecting too much. They then head up to the 19th Floor, a new record for the team.

Meeting Basara Edit

Arriving at the 19th Floor, they once again meet Koin, welcoming them to the 19th Floor. Boromir asks if he can kill it and Adol answers he doesn't see a problem with it. Koin panics, begging them to wait and if they kill hiom, tye won't know how much longer they have to wait. Boromir shoulders his mace, asking how long they have to wait this time. Koin nervously asks if they plan to kill after he tells them. Boromir responds asking if they look like villains. Koin answered nervously they have to wait 3 minutes this time. Boromir cuts him by thanking him and prepares to land a killing blow. Koin freaked out, knowing this would happen and quickly states he was lying too. Boromir says he doesn't look it but that Koin knew how to use his head. Koin responds that was because he was obviously burned once before. Boromir gives up, annoyed. Yureka, however, thinks it's strange. He explains that no matter how data intensive the monsters may be, the data for the next floor would be prepared in advance while they were fighting on the 18th Floor normally. Adol agrees that sounds right. Boromir considers this and decides to see it for themselves, killing Koin and progressing to the room.

When they enter, they see that all the monsters had been annihilated. As Yureka suspected, another player is slashing ahead one step ahead of them. Adol agrees saying it explains why there had to be time to for new data to be prepared. They rush up to the next floor. They reach the boss room just as a player was finishing off the Titan Ogre boss monster. They all wonder who he is as the player glances back at them. Boromir then thinks he's the final boss of Terror Tower, though Yureka angrily corrects him that it's obviously another player. Boromir then asks what he's doing there. Adol deduces he must have come in before them, but suspected it was a group, not one person.

The player silently picks up the monster's weapon, the Titan Ogre Scimitar, while shouldering a giant claymore sword. He swings it around, confusing Yureka on what he's doing. With a yell, the player slams the scimitar against the claymore. After a few moments, he tosses aside the scimitar, saying the other sword was really better. Yureka realizes he was doing everything to test the new items. Adol agrees it's quite special. Boromir feels offended saying he's being rude by not giving a damn about them. Basara, openly ignoring them, goes to leave the room. This angers Boromir and Yureka. Boromir snaps and chastises the player that if you pass a player, you at least pretend to see them. He demands to know who he is that makes him so special. Yureka tries to calm him down. The player answers,as he leaves, that he is the warrior Basara. Boromir is unfamiliar with the name, but Yureka recognizes it. Adol, however, notices a bigger problem: the Titan Ogre had regenerated, forcing them to fight it as Basara left the tower.

Much later, they all return to Piri's shop putting a Titan Ogre Scimitar on her counter, to her surprise. Exhausted from the ordeal, Boromir asks her to value the sword. Adol is relieved they're alive and Boromir confidently states that if the other guy survived, so could they. Adol also thanks Yureka for her help, to which he nervously reciprocates, glad that he could help. Mentally, he also notes that Yureka's abilities are far greater than he imagined. Piri then informs Adol she can't buy it. Adol asks if it's not worth anything. Piri responds that's not the problem, but Boromir interrupts saying he expected this since the other guy threw it away because it was useless. Piri insists they listen to the end and continues saying that it's so expensive, she doesn't have the money to buy it. They asks how much it cost. She answers approximately 700,000 Gold, surprising Boromir and Yureka, and that she wouldn't have that money even if she sold all the items in her shop. She adds that there are not many shops in Normal City that can buy it. She advises that if they sell it on auction, they can easily sell it for 1 million. Adol asks if it's that expensive an item, prompting Piri to pull out a book to check. She reads that the Titan Ogre Scimitar is a rare item and that it's an elite weapon that doesn't wear even after 6 months of use. Adol is surprised while Boromir and Yureka are in awe with greed. Boromir is amazed it's so great a weapon but also wonders how much Basara's sword costs. Boromir thinks about it and believes he only reached the final boss because of his incredible weapon. Yureka is ashamed he doesn't have an analytical mind. He then states that he thought about it a bit and everything is clear, saying Basara is thought to be the strongest player in Lost Saga. Adol and Boromir look at Yureka as he thinks to himself that he heard about him how he was seen exiting high level dungeons.

Boromir and Adol look at Yureka suspiciously, He asks why they are looking at him like that. Adol answers it's because something is strange and blankly asks if Yureka is really a beginner, causing Yureka to panic. Boromir agrees saying that for a beginner, she knows way too many things and Adol adds that her abilities are curiously high. Yureka, feeling like a criminal caught by the police, is worried he might be caught. Yureka starts to explain, but distracts everyone by using an oncoming Row to act like Aradon is approaching. They turn around and see Row, who greets them awkwardly asking if there's a problem. Quickly realizing the situation, Adol asks Row if he could ask a question, while Boromir covers his face with his hand in disgust. When Row says sure, Adol then asks for confirmation if nobody is behind them. Row asks if anybody was even there when he arrived, confirming Adol's suspicion and for Boromir to rhetorically ask how they could fall for it so easily. Boromir suspects she may be hiding something suspicious and Adol is certain they'll meet again if it's their destiny. Boromir then asks Piri if she saw where she went, but a lovestruck Piri is not paying attention excitedly looking for where Aradon is. Adol suggests they should leave to an irate Boromir. They then leave discussing what to do with the sword.

Meeting Yureka Edit

Adol and Boromir decide to party again with Yureka and wait for her at Piri's shop while she goes shopping for new equipment and items. Lotto arrives a bit later with Adol saying it's been a long time. Lotto scoffs that it wasn't that long since they saw each other in class. Boromir says they meant on the net and that Lotto slept during class. Lotto asked what happened during his absence. Adol and Boromir lie and say there's no news and everything was the same to. Lotto then suggests they should go hunting somewhere. Boromir agrees and Adol suggests trying the farthest lands, but Lotto decides to go to Terror Town, worrying them. Boromir starts to make an excuse about it being too dangerous, but Lotto dramatically reminded them of their confidence for beating every dungeon, but that they didn't even make it halfway the tower. With one final push, Boromir and Adol reluctantly agree. Lotto decides they should go now, but Boromir, tells him to wait. Lotto threateningly asks if he's scared, but Boromir admits they met a new member to their team and became good friends while he was absent. Adol is concerned their shopping is taking a while. Lotto asks them who the new member is. Boromir notices them coming up behind Lotto. He turns around and sees Yureka, acting very surprised. Yureka apologizes to the group, wearing new armor and saying she had to buy more items than she thought.

She asks what was wrong, but Boromir and Adol. also confused with Lotto's behavior, play it off as nothing. Adol compliments Yureka new clothes, ignoring Lotto. She asks who is behind them. Boromir introduces him as Lotto, a member of their team. Yureka stares at him but then greets him normally.

The team arrives in front of Terror Tower. As Lotto cooly challenges the tower, Adol pulls Yureka to the side and asks Yureka not to reveal they've been here before. After pausing for a bit, Yureka agrees.He then pumps the team to enter the tower and they all follow.

Lotto uses the same magic combination and casts Fire Arrows. Lotto asks what they think and Yureka praises his strength. Adol and Boromir notices he used the same attack as Adol did. He then commands they should continue climbing the tower to break their record of Floor 13. The team continue to climb the tower until they once again reach Floor 18. They are once again greeted by Koin, but Boromir quickly kills him, to the relief of him and Adol. Boromir figures that if the guardian was here, the boss monsters should be almost ready. Lotto rushes up to the doors and start to open it. Boromir tries to warn Lotto, but he ignores him saying he won't get their share any of the loot. Boromir tries again to warn him about the Centaur, hiwever Lotto is then knocked backwards. Boromir tries again, feeling annoyed, but Adol says that's not the problem, motioning to Lotto being shot in the chest with the Centaur's arrow. Adol remarks that the attack was fast and that they have a big problem now. As Lotto slowly gets up, Adol asks Boromir if he'll be ok. Boromir is unsure and that it'd be fine if it was only Lotto, but notices the Centaur behind, remarking it will be hard. Adol asks Yureka if they can rely on her. She asks which one should she fight and Adol says they know Lotto better, so she should fight the Centaur. Yureka complies and goes to fight the Centaur. They try to fight Lotto, but are brutally defeated.

His unconscious body is dragged by Lotto into the boss room.

As Lotto chases Yureka with his Fire Trails, Adol is deliriously thinking he's in a warm, safe place.

He eventually comes to and approaches a pillar where Boromir cries at Yureka claiming they could have made beautiful music, not understanding what she sees in Lotto. He calms him down. He also admits there was something strange about Yureka and Lotto, but couldn't put his finger on it. Lotto dismisses his claim, telling to think whatever he wants, asking how much he heard. Adol admits the last thing he remembers was Lotto beating him, calling him a midget in shorts. Boromir decides that now that their "torrid affair" is out in the open, they should continue, Adol still confused about the situation. Boromir then accuses her of telling Loto about beating Terror Tower. Yureka lies again saying she did and apologizes.

Relationships Edit

Lotto (Jang-Gun) Edit

One of Adol's closest friends and the leader of the group. Lotto is usually restrained by Adol to keep from going too crazy, usually when Lotto gets called a kid because of his short stature. Lotto is usually the tactician in battle and fights the front lines alongside Lotto. While he is normally patient with Lotto's impulsive antics, even he can get into a bad mood if his patience is tested. Adol tries to be considerate of Lotto's insecurities even among the group.

Boromir (Gwon-Su) Edit

One of Adol's closest friends and the healer of the group. Adol tends to overlook Boromir's negative traits, such as lecherousness and greed, and trusts Boromir to do his duty as a part of the team. Boromir tends to joke around with Adol the most, calling him servant because he heals Adol the most, to Adol's annoyance. They both share an annoyance with Lotto's impulsive behavior. He tries not to annoy Adol too much since Boromir is afraid when Adol gets mad.

Myuria Edit

Myuria, nicknamed by Triple Threat as Medusa, is one of the very few people Lotto fears. However, he can't remember the reason he fears her.

Piri Edit

Adol is courteous around Piri since she is the object of Lotto's affection. He is also sensitive to her feelings since he was aware of her love for Aradon over Lotto.

Dark Aradon Edit

Even on opposing sides, Aradon and Adol treat each other respectfully. Aradon is familiar with Adol's fighting methods and was able to easily counter them in their first encounter due to Aradorn's experience fighting other players.

Julie (Gina Lee) Edit

Despite their animosity, Adol regrets taking part in exploiting them to find a hidden criminal to help end Boromir's crippling debt. However, he showed her no mercy after being trapped in a pit for some time, losing his patience and mercy.

K.C. (Jin-Mi Kang) Edit

Despite their animosity, Adol regrets taking part in exploiting them to find a hidden criminal to help end Boromir's crippling debt. However, he showed her no mercy after being trapped in a pit for some time, losing his patience and mercy.


Skills Edit

  • Master Monk abilities: He is an incredible master of martial arts which he uses to great effectiveness.
  • Iron Rage Kick: A flying kick used against the Zombie Dragon.
  • Gold Dragon Strike: A powerful uppercut used to kill the Centaur.

Magic Edit

  • Master Mage Abilities: He is capable of using a vast array of powerful magic creatively
  • Combination Magic
    • Fire Arrow: Fire Wall + Magic Arrow


  • Adol is apparently the second-least favorite character of the author, Son Hee Joon.

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